International Award

Hello my dear friends!

A lot of good things are happening in my life right now and I’m happy to share one with you.
I am honored to have been nominated to receive a Giuseppe Sciacca Award in Italy.
I feel blessed to be considered among so many gifted people.
Here is the letter I received that warmed my heart:

“…I’m writing on behalf of The International Award “Giuseppe Sciacca” in Vatican, Rome. []. It is one of the major institutions worldwide with a scientific, cultural and social aspect. It is based in the principles of volunteerism, the defence of human values and ideals, as well as the promotion of love and friendship among people and nations. The institution already strongly contributes to distinguishing young scientists and artists, who have excelled themselves in their field of expertise. At the same time, it honors and rewards the work and personality of prominent people, from all over the world.
The Awards are under auspices such as the European Union, the Presidency of the Italian Republic, Italian Ministries, National Olympic Committees, etc. The ceremony takes place once a year, at the Vatican city (Rome) in the presence of significant personalities from around the world, such as military and political authorities, leading scientists, athletes and artists, with the participation of the national and international press and television networks.
We inform you that this year, we are strongly interested to honor you for your exceptional talent in Singing. We regard you as one of the most promising young people worldwide.

The ceremony will take place on November 11th , 2017 in Vatican, Rome. ”

In the meantime, I’m learning new songs, trying to choose the best record label for my first album and continue to pray for world’s peace!

How are you all doing?
Ce mai faceți, dragii mei?